Welcome to our premier beauty destination, where we proudly offer the transformative Combination Brows service – a harmonious fusion of Microblading and Shading techniques.

If you desire perfectly shaped, defined, and effortlessly natural-looking eyebrows, then this specialized treatment is just for you. We have mastered the art of blending Microblading strokes with gentle shading, creating stunning brows that are both elegant and expressive.

With the Combination Brows technique, we meticulously customize each stroke and shade to complement your unique facial features, skin tone, and desired style. The result is a flawlessly balanced appearance that enhances your natural beauty and leaves you feeling confident and beautiful every day.

Whether you have sparse or over-plucked brows, uneven shapes, or simply wish to revamp your look, our Combination Brows service offers a semi-permanent solution that stands the test of time. Say goodbye to the hassle of daily makeup application and wake up to perfectly shaped brows that effortlessly frame your face.

At our studio, we prioritize your comfort and safety. We use only the highest quality tools, pigments, and sterilization techniques to ensure a clean and enjoyable experience. We have undergone extensive training and possess a keen eye for detail, assuring you of a professional and satisfying service.

Discover the beauty of Combination Brows – a versatile and modern approach to eyebrow enhancement that yields impeccable, long-lasting results. Unveil your most beautiful self with our dedicated team and experience the magic of Microblading and Shading combined. Book your appointment today and embark on a journey to radiant, symmetrical, and envy-worthy brows.

What is the process?


Step 1: We Initiate your Consultation

After you’ve scheduled an appointment, we’ll talk to you about your lifestyle and daily makeup regimen. Do you shape and draw your brows every day? Do you favor brows that are natural and gentle or brows that are thicker, bolder, and more defined? Some customers have over-tweezed their eyebrows and want to go back to a more natural appearance. During the appointment consultation, we’ll go over your options and create your ideal brow to perfection.

Step 2: Face Papping: We draw and Measure your Eyebrows

We’ll hand-draw your new eyebrows once we’ve established the optimal eyebrow shape and design for you. To ensure your brows are flawless, we’ll ask you to make several facial expressions, such as smiling, frowning. Our goal is to create a design that complements your natural characteristics the most. We’ll pick the ideal color and form for you based on your preferences and facial structure.

Step 3: We Numb your Eyebrows

We numb your eyebrows through a two-step process. We’ll apply a topical numbing ointment before starting Microblading your eyebrows to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. You can rest and relax throughout this period. We will also apply liquid lidocaine to the skin to keep it numb while we are working. Many clients are concerned that the operation will be painful, but the truth is that most clients do not experience any discomfort and even fall asleep throughout the operation!

Step 4: We Begin Microblading

After determining that you are numb and calm, we begin MicroBlading your eyebrows. Each hair stroke is precisely hand-drawn to mimic the color, thickness, and flow of your real brow hair. A disposable, manual microblade is used in this procedure. Microblading is a fine art that should only be done by a professional. It takes roughly 30-45 minutes to do this part of the procedure.

Step 5: Voila, The Reveal!

We’ll finally reveal your new brows after your Microblading is completed! Say goodbye to the morning brow-drawing routine. Every day, you’ll wake up with lovely brows!

After 30-60 days, a complimentary touch-up visit is recommended and included in the original price.


Micro Shading Combo Brows (Microblading with Shading)

   120 min.

$800.00. $400

Micro Ombré Combo Brows (Microblading with Ombré shading.

   130 min.

$800.00. $420

Color Boost (6-8 Month Touch Up)

   60 min.


Test Patch

   40 min.

$ 50

Less than a year touch up

   60 min.

$ 150

ANNUAL Touch Up (For Our customers only)

   60 min.

$ 200


Rosalinda Garnica
Valentina is awesome. I flinched so much on my first visit because my senses are so sensitive in my eyelids & my brows. Valentina is so patient & makes you feel so comfortable & at ease. I love how my eyeliner & eyebrows came out, looks natural & no one ever thinks otherwise. I highly recommend trying her even if you have to commute to see her. I will definitely be coming back & refer others to her.
Chris Ochoa
Valentina is so amazing. You will absolutely love the results. I get compliments everywhere I go. Thank you Valentina!